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In mid May 2010 Vadym Romanovych Viksnin, noted violin maker, musician, member of the Ukrainian Music Union, member of the Association of artists-makers of the strings and bow instruments got in contact with us. He informed us that he made a replica of the hetman Ivan Mazepa’s torban and he has an intent to hand over this musical instrument to one of the Ukrainian museums and he asked us to support him in this issue.At О. Kovalevska request the master ordered an examination of the above instrument in the museum of theatre and music art. The expert’s opinion which confirmed the quality of the instrument and its cultural value was signed by L. Cherkas’kyi.
On June 21, 2010 the instrument and the copies of the accompanying documents were presented to the administration of V. Tarnovs’kyi Chernigiv Historical Museum in the name of its director S. Layevs’kyi. The instrument was accepted for temporary storage in the funds of the museum.
On the Ukraine Independence Day on 24 August 2010 it was appointed to hand over officially the above exhibit for permanent storage in the museum exposition. In addition to the administration of the museum, some businessmen from Kyiv and Chernigiv announced their contribution to the funding of the present project. But on 18 August 2010 for reasons undefined all businessmen refused to take part in the event of handing over the above-mentioned exhibit to the museum funds. The financial situation of V. Tarnovs’kyi Chernigiv Historical Museum is not so wealthy for enabling the administration of the museum to bear exclusively all costs for acquisition of the present exhibit item.
Thus, there is a menace to lose an opportunity for acquiring the unique instrument which has historical and common cultural value, as it can be sold abroad.

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