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In August 2010 the Institute of History of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, published the long-awaited second volume of Ivan Mazepa’s letters compiled by Vyacheslav Stanislavs’kyi (Ivan Mazepa’s letters / Compiler and author the introductory study V. V. Stanislavs’kyi – К.: Institute of History of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2010. – V 2: 1691–1700. – 2010. – 752 pp.).
The book continues the publication of epistolary heritage of Ivan Mazepa, which is chronologically limited with political milestone events – uprising of Petro Ivanenko and the beginning of the Great Northern War. The edition is intended for researches, professors, students and all those who are interested with Ukraine’s past.
Simultaneously, the next book about Ivan Mazepa was published in Kharkiv in Russian language under general editorship of Mykola Mazepa – “Hetman Mazepa. Encyclopaedic directory” (Kharkiv: Oberig, 2010. – 304 pp.)

Рахівниця. За легендою, вона належала І. Мазепі

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