“Siveryans’kyi chronicles” dedicated to Ivan Mazepa

The sixth issue of the journal “Siveryans’kyi litopys” in 2009 was fully dedicated to the hetman Ivan Mazepa and his times. The issue contains a number of interesting publications, including the articles of V. Stanislavs’kyi “Doctors of Ivan Mazepa”, О. Tarasenko “Image of the hetman Ivan Mazepa in the eulogy from the work “The fleece washed”, А. Hedyo “І. Mazepa hetman’s decrees to the Greeks of Nizhyn town: source analysis”, S. Pavlenko “Portrait of the hetman painted by Zaharyi Samuylovych” etc. For looking through and reading “Siveryans’kyi litopys”, please, go to the link of its site.

Under proposal of the author, in section “Mazepa activities” we published the article “Geopolitical drawings of hetman Mazepa” that was included inter alia to the above issue of the journal.

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