Ivan Mazepa in history, historiography and art

On May 21, 2010 in the Ball-room of Tyszkiewicz-Potocki palace of the Warsaw University the international scientific conference “Ivan Mazepa in history, historiography and art” was held. The East European Studies of Warsaw University and the publishing house “Tempora” were the co-organizers of the conference. The noted Ukrainian and Polish scientists: Volodymyr Panchenko, Myroslav Nagelskyi, Olexy Sokyrko, Piotr Kroll, Olga Kovalevska, Teresa Chynczewska-Hennel and others, were among the participants of the conference. Dariusz Maciak was the moderator of the conference. In addition to delivery and discussion of the scientific reports, within the framework of the conference there was also the presentation of the publishing project “Hetman” which aroused a sincere interest of the Polish audience. The materials of the conference will be published in the scientific journal «Przegląd Wchodni».


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