Ivan Mazepa biography

Іван Мазепа

Contributed by Olga Kovalevska

Milestone dates of Ivan Mazepa life and activity

March 20, 1639 I. Mazepa date of birth
1646—1656 studies at Kyiv-Mohyla College
1657—1659 studies abroad
1659/60—1663 service to King of Poland John Casimir (Jan Kazimierz)
1668 marriage with Hanna Frydkevych
1669—1674 service to the Right-bank Ukraine’s hetman P. Doroshenko
1674 change to service to the Left-bank Ukraine’s hetman І. Samoylovych
1682 election to the post of the General Osaul (Cossack’s captain)
July 25, 1687 election as the Hetman at the military council on the river Kolomak
1689 journey to Moscow
1690 participation in the first campaign to Kyzykermen fortress
1691—1692 Petryk uprising
1693—1694 participation in military campaigns to the south
1695 seizure of Kyzykermen fortress by І. Mazepa troops
1696 participation in Azov campaigns and seizure of Azov fortress
February 8, 1700 conferment of the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called
1701 І. Mazepa campaign to Livland, restitution of Pereyaslavs’ka episcopacy and Trahtemyrivs’kyi monastery on the Right-bank Ukraine, granting academy status to Kyiv-Mohyla College
1702—1704 uprising at the Right-bank Ukraine
1703 construction of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy building
1705 hetman’s campaign to Poland, seizure of Zamość
1707 awarding of the Order of the White Eagle (Order Orła Białego)
September 1, 1707 pursuant to the order of the Emperor of Austria Joseph І, І. Mazepa was honourably titled as the Duke of the Holy Roman Empire
November 2,  1708 downfall of Baturyn
November 5, 1708 forfeiture of the Order of St. Andrew
June 27, 1709 Poltava disaster
September 22, 1709 death of hetman in the village Varnytsya near Bendery
October 1709 making of so-called “Judas order” in order to execrate hetman as “betrayer and venal mercenary”
March 18, 1710 re-interment of hetman in Galatz (Romania)

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