News — Excavations at Baturyn in 2016-2017 ceramic adornments of hetman architecture — Excavations at Baturyn in 2016

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Excavations at Baturyn in 2016-2017 ceramic adornments of hetman architecture

Volodymyr Mezentsev, Ph. D.
CIUS, Toronto
(Published in Ukrainian Echo (Toronto), Vol. 31, No. 28, October 17, 2017, pp. 1-2.)


Excavations at Baturyn in 2016

This report on the archaeological research in Baturyn last summer by Dr. Volodymyr Mezentsev is placed in the “Library” section in PDF format with illustrations. It is an off-print from the bulletin of the Canadian Committee of Byzantinists Canadio-Byzantina, No. 28, University of Ottawa, January 2017, pp. 12-16, republished here with the permission of the author. Our colleague, Dr. Mezentsev, regularly submits his articles and booklets on the history and culture of Ivan Mazepa’s capital to this website.


Moscow Kreml exhibition on our site

Оновлено статтю, присвячену експозиції Федеральної державної установи «Державний історико-культурний музей-заповідник „Московський Кремль”». Кілька експонатів розміщено також у розділі «Мазепа та Північна війна»

Two articles in the «Library»

Two new publications have been added to the heading “Library”. This is the work of the noted Ukrainian historian Borys Krupnyts’kyi “Theophan Prokopovich and the Swedes” published in 1934 and the article of Vasyl Vytvyts’kyi dedicated to the analysis of the Carl Loewe’s musical composition based on works by George Byron. Both publications deserve attention of the curious readers.

Musical project by our website

In view of the fact that we have already presented to our website visitors the different musical compositions somehow or other linked to the name of Ivan Mazepa or dedicated to him, we considered necessary to present the new project under name “Ukrainian chant of XVII–XVIII centuries”.

Ідея полягала в тому, аби сприяти формуванню загального уявлення відвідувачів сайту про музичну культуру мазепинських часів, у тому числі, мати можливість почути ті твори, які колись виконував сам Іван Мазепа у супроводі старосвітського інструменту, що називався торбан.


New relics of Mazepa age

Under the heading “Museum” a new publication dedicated to the antiques from Mazepa age kept by the museums all over the world appeared.

Two articles under “Social and political essays”

The heading “Social and political essays” is completed with two published articles: “Magic circle of Poltava anniversaries” by Olga Kovalevska and “Relations of Ivan Mazepa with Walachia and Moldova authorities» by Vyacheslav Stanislavs’kyi.